How to Host a Website in 4 Easy Steps – An Essential Guide to Newbies

If you are planning to start an online business, you must want to look for solutions on how to host a website. For me, it was the most rewarding experience for me when I decided for the first time to host my website.

Honestly speaking, it was not that easy due to information overload.

Just not letting you to go through the same troubles that I experienced during my initial days, here I have shared the most valuable information that you’d like to learn about.

Here we go.

Pick Your Domain Name

Even before you pick your domain, you should have a clear idea about the niche you choose. Accordingly have your keywords researched. Choose a domain name that represents your business or niche.

Go to to buy your domain.  I register all my domains there. Alternatively, you can also go for

But having your domain isn’t enough for your website. Is it?

Without having a reliable web hosting, you cannot do anything with your domain.

Choose Your Hosting

This is the trickiest decision that you have to make.

Choosing the right hosting service can make or break your online business. Trust me.

So, you have to make an informed decision. The question is how.

Find a Reliable Hosting Service: After all, who wants to see his site down at the peak hours? Nobody wants. In your quest on how to host a website, the first thing you should look for is reliability. Don’t go after claim of the company, count of web hosting reviews based on personal experiences.

Unlimited Bandwidth with Unlimited Space: Don’t go for limited options. Although it doesn’t look like an imperative choice during the initial days, but it has to be as soon as you gain more hits.

Unlimited Email Accounts: When it comes to a good hosting plan, you can be the least assured of having unlimited email accounts with ultra easier setup facilities.

Website Creation Tools: Everyone is not a great web designer, not everyone wants to spend money on overpriced web designers as well. So an ideal hosting company must have website creation tools integrated with it.

Tracking: After all, what could be more powerful and accurate tracking system than your host? Possibly, no one! This is why I always recommend going for hosting that enables real time tracking facility.

Change Current DNS to Web Host

If you are a newbie, you may assume it a difficult job at the first glance. But in reality let me assure you that it is not.

In fact, it’s pretty simple.

For, all that you need is to login to your account and click on Manage Domains. Now select the domain you’d like to modify. By clicking on Domain Name Server Setup option, you can customize the nameservers of your domain. All that you need to do is select Specify Custom DNS Server and insert nameservers accordingly. Click on Save Changes to save.

For, the process is almost similar. You need to login to your account and select the domain you want to modify nameservers for. The details will be appeared on the right bar. There click on the link called click here to see details or to modify and then change it to your custom nameservers.

Note: If you choose the same service for both domain registration and web hosting, they will do this step for you.

Host Your Website

Once you find the right hosting company; now it’s your turn to host your website.

Well, when you start for the first time, it may look a little difficult task to create all the pages manually and then uploading it via FTP.

So ideally a reliable hosting company must have site builder with readymade templates installed in your hosting account.

Also, you should also look for features like CPanel and Fantastico along with Shopping Cart just in case if you plan to build a WordPress enabled website or ecommerce site.

Considering all these factors, only one name is coming in my mind and that is none other than Hostgator.

Hostgator, the green web hosting company, has it all with a regular and affordable hosting fee – be it the latest control panel with most advanced tracking facility, Fantastico, shopping cart, unlimited email features, free site builder with more than 4,500 free but beautiful website templates and so on.

Also with their instant web hosting facility, building and running your site is a matter of minutes.

The possibilities are simply endless, sometimes more than a newbie (or even a veteran) can handle.

Now, it’s your turn to make a move as you already know how to host a website easily with Hostgator.
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