The Advantages of Colocation over Dedicated

It’s common knowledge that next step after a VPS is a dedicated server. It provides more power and full control over your own machine. However one option that many disregard completely is colocation.

Colocation is similar to a dedicated server, except that you own the hardware yourself, rather than renting it. In the long term, buying is almost always better than renting (not only in web hosting, but as a general rule in life). You put down a larger initial investment to save much more over a long period of time.

Renting a dedicated server can cost anywhere between $30 and $1,000 a month, depending on the company and the hardware provided. The average for a decent size dedicated server will be $80-100 a month, the cheaper dedicated servers are usually more on-par with a high end VPS. For the higher end dedicated servers, you will often find yourself paying a very high monthly premium for the added hardware. In this case, it is usually worth it to put down the cash upfront for this extra hardware, as the colocation fee is not based on the hardware you use. Colocation fees usually range from $40-$200 a month.

There are a number of options when looking for a colocation facility. Many dedicated server providers will offer a colocation option; there are also a number of companies that offer colocation only. If you live in a major metropolitan area, chances are you can find a good provider in your area, which will not only give you peace of mind but provide you with easy access to your equipment.
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