Windows vs Linux Web Hosting

This is a commonly asked question in the web hosting industry today – which operating system should I choose? Most of us are very familiar with Windows, as it is the market leader for desktop computers, but for servers we must consider Linux and other UNIX based alternatives.

The most obvious difference is price. Windows hosting will almost always cost more than Linux. Why? Because Linux is a free and open source operating system, it is available for download from one of many web sites. There are no licensing fees, and most of the server software that runs on Linux is distributed in this same fashion. Cost is always part of the equation, so this is definitely a factor to consider when choosing.

Performance differences between Windows and Linux are often debated. Many state that Windows is just as fast, reliable, and secure as Linux, while just as many others deny this. The truth is, they are both great operating systems, each with their pros and cons. The only area in which Linux beats Windows hands down is security. With the hundreds of thousands of Windows viruses around, compared to the very small amount of Linux viruses, this is a given. However the most influential factor is the skill of the server administrator, a good web hosting company will keep their servers up and running smoothly regardless of OS. This is a factor large enough that in many cases it may make the other difference between these OSes negligible.

The real question shouldn’t be “Which OS is better?” it should be “Which OS is better for you?”

Do you need .NET, MSSQL, and FrontPage support? Do you prefer the Plesk control panel? If so, you’re probably better off keeping it simple and sticking with a Microsoft platform.

Do you prefer to use CPanel and work with a PHP/MySQL/Apache stack? If so, Linux is the obvious choice; on top of being a very well supported platform for these pieces of software it is also cheaper.
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