Cheap web hosting horror story

So how can cheap low cost web hosting effect you? Generally the quality of service from a web host provider is linked proportionately to the cost of their plans but even sometimes a well researched provider with boastful guarantee’s of 24/7 support and excellent service do not always hold true.

This is a real account of how saving on web hosting costs by using a budget web host provider could cost you a lot more money than what you’ve saved in fee’s.

A “friend” in late 2010 was unfortunate enough to have their web hosting go down, the main site hosted had an average of 50,000 visits per month and to this point in time was a very profitable site. Unfortunately the web hosting company that listed a 24/7 support line available in their country was actually just a recorded message directing their customers to an online ticket support system. To make matters worse this event occurred on a major holiday period that consisted of a series of public holidays so even the support forums weren’t being answered for the first two days.

Day three, by this point in time google dropped the indexing of what had been a highly ranked site. To make things even worse the particular web host provider deleted any posts related to the subject seeing that this could tarnish their perceived image. Contact could be made via phone at this point but you guessed it, only via a overseas callroom center. This meant sleepless nights calling numerous  support operators that lost support tickets on numerous occasions.

So day five, yes day five! The hosting is back up and the generated income from just this one site alone has dropped to %3 of its original  volume.

It took over two months for the site to recover from this disastrous poorly supported event. This can happen to any hosting, it is always a risk and something you plan for. But this particular event does highlight that paying a bit extra for your web hosting costs when purchasing web hosting from a well supported and reputable hosting service can pay off in the long term
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