Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

The cost of managed hosting is significantly higher than the basic personal hosting plans, the cost of managed hosting starts at around $130/month and tops off at around $400/month.

Full server management provided in managed dedicated Hosting plans should not be confused with simple C-panel management tools  provided in the cost of basic hosting plans.

Although there are no set industrial standards a managed hosting plan would include dedicated staff that should be available to manage maintenance of your dedicated server.

Managed Hosting should include:

Operating system and application’s updates.
Hardware monitoring, including fine tuning and application’s monitoring.
Security, including firewall updates, virus protection and intruder monitoring.
Hardware maintenance, upgrades and system recovery’s.

Dedicated Hosting

You would normally consider using dedicated hosting if you have a very high traffic volume, have an online business or if you want to sell hosting space.  The standard hosting plans are normally referred to as shared hosting, in this case a group of customers that have their websites hosted on the same server share or spread out the cost of running the server but in the case of a dedicated server normally one customer is paying the cost of managing the server. So dedicated Hosting isn’t really for the everyday blogger or hobby site owner, a dedicated server and with it a series of dedicated IP’s doesn’t come cheap. The cost of a dedicated server plan starts from around $170 and can cost up to $400 per month for a dedicated server with additional memory and faster CPU’s. The difference in cost is normally associated with hardware more than the service provided.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is a great way of attaining a dedicated server without bearing the burden of the full cost of a dedicated hosting plan,  depending on the provider VPS hosting costs start at $16 per month and can be customized up to a $200 plan. If you see the need in the future for growth of your hosted website then you can start off with a cheaper low cost VPS plan and at any time choose to upgrade to the functionality of a dedicated server with higher processing power, hard drive space and bandwidth that is not available in the low cost shared plans. With VPS hosting you will have full root access allowing you to install advanced software.
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