Recurring web hosting fee

I was talking with a friend about the cost of my hosting and we were going through the plans available. When we got the calculator out to figure the yearly cost I was surprised that he used the web host providers initial first month payment as his monthly fee instead of the recurring monthly cost.

Some web host providers will provide a coupon style code that will be in the form of an ongoing saving for the length of your contract and then others are only applicable to the first month of your contract. You can save around 20% on some of these deals over the length of your contract so be careful to check the fine print.

So what am I on about you ask, well a lot of host providers list a cheap initial first month payment for when you sign up.  Sounds great but even if the entire first month was free it wouldn’t make a very noticeable difference but what makes a real difference is if you don’t pick up on this little bit of trickery and use that initial monthly cost to calculate your entire 1-3 year contract.  Comparing this false figure with the competitions hosting plan will appear like your getting a deal that looks a lot cheaper than it really is.

So lets have a look at what it really adds up to on a 3 year hosting plan. Using my hosting plan as an example the initial monthly fee is $6.36 which is stated as a 20% saving, so basically the recurring monthly fee is $7.95.

Incorrectly calculated Web Hosting Fee’s
$6.36 x 36 = $228.96
Actual Web Hosting Fee’s
$6.36+($7.95 x 35) = $284.61
The initial calculation was off by $55.65 which is a substantial amount, so when your looking at the web hosting fee’s be sure to pay attention to the recurring monthly cost and don’t make this simple mistake.
Here’s an example of what you should be looking for, note the Coupon Credit is listed and the amount is deducted from the due total.
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