Up Time Guarantee

So what is this magical figure listed by most webhost providers? Its common to see guarantee’s of 99.9% offered by host providers as a declaration of their impeccable service but theres a lot of bluffing going on.

What is UpTime?

Uptime is basically the amount of time your site is accessible to users from the net. So that sounds fairly simple, a web hosting provider thats offering 99.9% uptime over the course of a 12 month contract must mean that your site will only be down for up to nine hours over the whole year. It’s not always that simple, some providers don’t include scheduled server maintenance as  a part of their guarantee so all of  a sudden things aren’t looking to good.

How maintenance impacts UpTime

Don’t get me wrong, all servers need critical maintenance such  as client data backup’s. Imagine if your hosts server containing your site went down and they had no way of retrieving the data! A good host provider should layout their maintenance plans and how they intend to keep your site running over a lengthy period.

Uptime Monitors

Uptime monitors are available via a third party and are not free. Most uptime monitoring services are on par with the actual web hosting cost your already paying for. Due to this fact I haven’t bothered using a paid service.

Check forums for UpTime complaints

Once again checking a web hosts forum for costumer feedback before signing up with them can be of great value. Its hard to gauge whether a host has failed to meet their promise of 99% plus uptime if your not being provided with any tools to do so but a forum can be a good way to see user feedback on the subject. If theres continual complaints by users then its clear the host aren’t meeting their guarentee.

Hosting resellers

A tricky part of signing up with a hosting reseller is that they might not even have the data needed to gauge their own uptime service. Check to see what they have listed and if their just listing their providers service guarantee.
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