What is a Domain

A Domain name can be compared to your street address, its a label specifying where your web site can be accessed on the Net.
The harsh reality is that a large number of popular Domain Names are taken.

Your Domain name is in theory unique but there are a lot of different extensions available such as com, net and org to name just a few.  To secure a Domain name you have to register the domain name before anyone else purchases it.

what is a domain name

Choosing your Domains extension

As you can see it is possible to buy the same Domain names with a very large number of extensions which all differ in cost but you should be considering the relevance of the extension. For example if you have an Australian business that solely trades in Australia then a “com.au” extension would be advisable.  To register a domain name with an extension that denotes the country of origin such as “com.au” could require taxation or business registration numbers.

Countries and their Domain extensions WEBOPEDIA.COM

The most common domain extensions are  COM, ORG and NET.

Registering a domain name

Some hosting companies also sell domain names but it is a very common practice to register a domain name with a dedicated domain registrar. You will need to pay a annual fee to the company who initially registered your domain name.

Depending on your domain extension it could be managed by Government, co-operatives of various internet providers, non-profit organisations .

Domain Name Registry information EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG

How to use a Domain Name

Purchasing a Domain name doesn’t mean you have a website, Domain Name providers will park your Domain Name until you can point it towards your hosting.

Sounds a bit complicated? It can be the first time round.

Firstly understand that your Domain name registration could take anywhere from a few minutes to hours before its approved. There’s a lot of people registering domain names every minute of the day.

Once you have received confirmation that your domain name is yours to use, you will have to go and change the name servers for your domain so that their pointing towards the name servers provided to you by your host provider.

To do this you have to log into an account/domain name manager. Your new domain should be listed but in a locked condition so that no one can use your domain name.

Unlock the Domain Name then select the current name servers which should look something like “ns4598.yourhostprovider.com” enter the name servers provided for your hosting and then lock your Domain Name.

After 10 minutes or maybe even a few hours depending on the Domain provider you should be able to start using your new Domain Name.
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