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 When you try to compare web hosting plans, you need to take a number of things into consideration.

First of all, you should see what is the first impression that the company gives when you visit their site. A hosting company that is serious will have a site that looks elegant, with nice graphics. There is no reason why it shouldn’t have a nice site if it’s a serious company, especially since the cost of the graphics aren’t that high, when you’re a large company. If they can’t afford graphics which would cost less than a month’s wage of someone from the support staff, you can’t exact that much from the service they offer. If you compare web hosting sites, you should easily see which ones are professional.

The second thing is that you should check the amount of time that the company has been around. If it’s a new web hosting company, you risk that it will disappear on you, and if that happens, you will lose all the information on your site, unless you made a backup. A company with a long history is less likely to call it quits and this is yet another way to compare web hosting offers.

Next, take into consideration the bandwidth and the disk space which is being offered. While bandwidth and disk space are important, be careful when you see offers with huge amounts of space for little money. This usually means that the company is overselling or simply lying about what you can do.

Testing the customer service of the company is one way to asses their capabilities. Since the industry is quite competitive these days, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a hosting company that offers non stop customer support, either via telephone or online chat. Try to call or talk with them and see how they respond to your requests, if they are helpful, knowledgeable and professional. If you’re not very good with the technical aspects of keeping a site, having quality support is very important. In the end, you need to compare web hosting packages and see which one works best for you.
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