Comparison of Web Hosting Plan costs

 Lets have a look at the actual cost of a web hosting plan, unless you opt for a customizable plan web host providers will be offering a few plans to choose from with various levels of features and therefore increasing costs.

Plans are normally listed as a monthly cost which isn’t to helpful when your determining how much web hosting will cost you over a number of years.

Heres an example of available plan structures from a leading web host provider as of 2011.

web hosting plan costs

As you can see the monthly fee can be a bit misleading, in comparing plans this monthly figure can make the saving between the low cost simple host plan and the medium personal host plan look rather insignificant. So lets have a look at what you can really save on hosting when you compare the actual yearly cost, this is where you will save money on the cost of hosting.

Paying web hosting on a yearly basis

As you can see paying your hosting fee on a yearly basis will cost you a lot more money in the long run. The three year hosting plans are cheaper by nearly the amount of one standard yearly bill by the term of the agreement.

Choosing the correct hosting plan

Why pay for more features if you have no need for them? This diagram highlights how much money you could waste by signing up to a plan with features you just don’t need. Comparing the full business plan with the simple hobby blog style plan you can see that three years on a simple plan would be the cost of just one year of the costly business plan.

Web Hosting Promotional deals

Although it has to be said that promotional deals are a great way to save on the cost of web hosting be careful to really dissect the offer and make sure you clearly understand what the terms are. Many special offers will be very attractive with promises of large discounts but that savings on the cost of the website hosting normally applies to only the first 6-12 months of your contract. After this period the pricing will roll back to a higher value that might not have been displayed. So do choose wisely, read the fine print for additional costs, keep in mind that discounts on hosting can be just for the first 6 months.
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