Take a Ride about the 2011 Prediction Cloud

 Within the Rosemont Review, an article titled “The End of Google, SEO, along with other 2011 Predictions” centers about the suspect quality of Google’s search engine results, which is seemingly the very first chink in the armor from the once untouchable search giant. Using the amount of news centered on Facebook, from the success from the Social Network, to Zuckerberg as “Person of the season,” to Facebook since the most visited site this year, a dip within the quality of Google’s bread and butter couldn’t came at a worse time.

Recent changes towards the company’s brain trust suggest they’re aware of the problem. However, before the big news from Google, Humes predicted radical changes towards the search engine’s algorithm, in addition to SEO and search engine marketing generally would be unleashed throughout 2011. While Humes is quick to indicate that he expects Google will open 2012 towards the top of serps, he adds that ultimately, most people are only as good as their last success.

Fueled with a recent report from Pew Internet Research in regards to the future of the internet, Humes believes similarly astonishing changes towards the way Rosemont Media’s cleints connect to the web are just around the corner. Within an article titled, “Mobile User Difficult to Ignore in 2011,” Humes highlights the Pew report which shows 59% of Americans access the web through wireless means. He admits that the prevalence of cellular devices, along with the increasingly active lifestyle of mobile users, won’t alter the way Americans search on the internet, but also the way online advertisers reach their audiences while burning with an expected $3 billion in annual ad spend by 2014.

One more reason for the downfall from the traditional desktop or office setup is addressed within an article titled, “3 Reasons the Cloud will Benefit your Practice.” Concentrating on the desire for constant connectivity in most walks of life, from personal to professional, Humes discusses the inevitable move toward cloud computing and also the expected effects this shift may have on their aesthetic healthcare clients.

At the conclusion of the day, Humes says nearly all Rosemont Media’s clients depend on the firm for any multi-faceted approach to social media and check engine marketing, medical or dental web site design, and much more. The Rosemont Review is made to create an easy-to-digest assessment from the latest internet and technology news, and just how it will affect the company’s aesthetic healthcare clients.
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